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Warren Verity, a professional photographer based in the Greeneville area created the Art of Verity for those who value beautiful personal photography. Art of Verity takes a new approach to photography. We offer high quality imagery inspired by you, our client. Verity believes every woman is beautiful and captures those breathtaking moments.

NO GAMES, JUST BEAUTY. Imagery for women and those they love. Our approach to working with clients is simple and honest. No games. That is why you will see our pricing is unique, images choices are elegant and the Art inspiring. 

ABOUT WARREN VERITY. Im a creative: To me that means using that which inspires me and mixing it together with my own style and flare to make something that creates an emotion response in the viewer. Im a storyteller: As long as I can remember I've loved to tell stories. This desire has lead to me to teaching, inspiring with the spoken word but it never fulfilled me like the joy I get from photography. I would love to tell your story. Trained by world leading photographer Sue Bryce, Warren has had the best guidance for the art and business of photography.


I invite local creatives to join me in taking photography to the next level.

Goal: As a team we work together towards a common project(s) to make stunning imagery.

Who I am I looking for in my team: As I am taking my profession photography to a new high Im looking for talented individuals who what to push and challenge their skills. To be able to work with a female client in a professional way. You need to be open, easy going and a team player.

My artist direction (without giving too much away here) but I am influenced by Sue Bryce (www.suebryce.com) Brooke Shaden (www.brookeshaden) and Jennifer Hudsen (http://www.jenniferhudsonfineart.com). A mix between fine art, glamor/beauty/ and organic/ environmentalism. More detail when a team member.

Are you a...

Make Up Artist:


Dress Maker:

Promotions Guru:





If you are excited about being a part of this team contact me, best way is to friend me on FB www.facebook.com/warrenverity

Possible Questions:

Will I be compensated?
No and yes. This team is focus on creating art. Art doesn't sell and make money unless certain factors are in place. But you will receive a copy of the image, this image can be use to promote your services and showcase your talent.

Also you will be challenged in your craft which is a reward all its own.

Also it is possible we can turn this into a product. (not saying anymore unless you are team member). I am looking for investors/ sponsors but not holding my breath (nor saying anymore here).

Will it cost me to join the team?

Do I have to invest money to be a part of the team/project? 
Each person of the team brings their our skills to the project as well as related costs. So for example a make up artist will supply the make up for the project. The goal is to keep the projects simple to start with and build from there. I will be looking for investors as we build a portfolio. But we will discus each project and make sure that everyone does their part skill/investment. But let me state clearly costs will be keep very very low and we will use the power of begging for the things we need :-)

Who decides who is on the team?
I do. As creative director I lead the project.

So you're a dictator? No lol. We work as a team and all input will be encouraged and made better for it.

More questions? Let me know

Keep smiling

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